At Mile High Tubulars we use strategic sourcing to get our customers a better product at a lower price.


How much experience does our team have?

  • The staff at Mile High Tubulars brings over 43 years of combined experience working with Structural Steel Pipe.

Where does our structural pipe come from?

  • Mill secondary and surplus pipe.
  • Used pipe from OCTG materials that are reclaimed after wells are done producing.
  • API OCTG that has bad threads and is cost prohibitive to get rethreaded. API OCTG generally has a higher yield and tensile strength then construction grade ASTM. This allows us to sell a stronger product at a more competitive price.
  • Our Vision is to give this steel a whole new life. While the pipe might not meet API specs for various reasons it is still very good structural Steel and can be used in place of mill prime at a fraction of the cost.